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Done - What Most Religions Don't Tell You about the Bible

by Cary Schmidt

Specifically created to be placed into the hands of an unsaved person and a perfect gift for first time church visitors, this minibook explains the Gospel in crystal clear terms. The reader will journey step by step through biblical reasoning that concludes at the cross and a moment of decision. This tool will empower your whole church family to share the Gospel with anyone!

(112 pages, mini paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-006-0

Paid in Full - Your Debt, God's Payment

by Paul Chappell

Written directly to an unsaved person, this minibook explains salvation simply and engages with the reader conversationally. It is a great tool for soulwinning and makes a wonderful gift for unsaved family and friends, as well as for first-time guests to church. In clear, easy-to-understand terms, these pages lay out our need for a Saviour and present the freely-offered gift of eternal life. The book extends an invitation to the reader to accept Christ, and a concluding chapter briefly covers assurance of salvation and eternal security. This is the type of book you will read once and want to order multiple copies to give away.

(88 pages, mini paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-278-1

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January 23, 2021


January 23, 2021

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